Best Marketing Campaigns in India

Aug 4, 2018

Hello !!! You beautiful people out there thank you for stopping by ! Here we summarize few of some successful best marketing campaigns showcasing the innovative marketing campaigns to improve the brand value of their organizations and in turn increase the brand presence of their company products.

Branding of a company is the main driving force for a company to succeed in the long run and True branding is achieved when companies deliver creative marketing campaigns that touch the hearts of its customers which can tickle the emotions of its users and keeps the user engaged and remember about the brand and the message it delivers.

If the brand is successful in achieving this it creates a unique trust for the customer and makes it easier for the customer to buy its products. Marketing Campaigns are the best way to promote your business and the big players play them well Here are our List of some of the Best Marketing Campaigns in India. Let us know which marketing campaign do you like?

Coca Cola - Connecting India & Pakistan

Brilliant Showcase of Spreading smiles on both sides of the countries , this marketing campaign made people come together in both sides of the countries by sharing a coke together. People loved the idea of making a new friend from their neighbour country.

Just Touch at the screen on the Coke Machine to buy a coke for your new friend : ) ,This Marketing campaign grabbed a lot of eyeballs at the Mall which had sure connected the emotions of people of India & Pakistan

Nestle India - Good Food - Good Life

This Marketing campaign is an Emotional Ad by Nestle India about the innocent hatred of a brother to a newly adopted cute sister by her parents, children indeed show the purest emotion and this ad delivers the emotion in the best way possible. ..

The little brother is worried he might loose his value and love from his parents because of the new compassion and love shown to her new sister since he never had his his love shared till now , he avoids her cute little sister in the fear of loosing his parents attention to him. ..

Slowly the boy gets closer to his little sister and they both begin to experiment in the kitchen to quench their hunger for food and by food they get together where the boy forgets about the hate and shows love to her sister. ..

Times of India - Connecting India

This Marketing Campaign shows how one leader can strive unity among others instantly , in this ad a small boy comes up all alone to push a fallen tree even when he knew he cant push the tree alone to clear the road jam caused by the fallen tree.

Inspired by the brave act of the little boy ,all of a sudden people start to lend a helping hand to push the fallen tree ,everyone comes up to help the little boy struggle’s and they move the tree with the power unity.

Visa - Cashless India Ad

This Marketing Campaign is about an old teacher who is struggling to get his money due to lack of change at different stores , worried about this his student decides to help the teacher to get rid of his trouble of getting change , he shows the teacher how to use a visa card without the hassles of getting change and helps the teacher to go cashless with Visa

This Visa Ad shows great compassion between the student and teacher and how we should help everybody as much as we can , cheers to Visa Ad Team for this brilliant marketing ad campaign.

Rajasthan - Tourism India Ad

No Words to Describe this Marketing Ad , Great Approach on Showcasing the Heritage of India with its beautiful landscape and amazing tourist spots in Rajasthan

Watch how the vistors are awestruck with India's Beauty , your gonna fall in love with this marketing ad for tourism in India

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