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Aug 10, 2018

Missed the Opening of IKEA Hyderabad?

We have a virtual guide for you on the opening day of IKEA Hyderabad !! Hyderabad Witnessed its first IKEA Store with a lot of surprise and Traffic Havoc - IKEA made Hyderabad Stop for a Day as people began to rush into the Swedish Retail Giant for its fine display of Housing Products.

People began rushing inside the IKEA store and they were given a warm welcome by the IKEA staff on the inaugural day shouting 'WELCOME TO IKEA'' - As we move past the Escalator into the Grand Showroom we are in a middle of Corporate Jungle to satisfy our hunger for quality Housing Needs .

The Whole IKEA Hyderabad Showroom is Divided into Many Different Sections

People are given a visual guide for the whole sections with each section specific to its products everything is well organised which makes it really easy to shop and with a very warm hospitality by the IKEA Hyderabad Staff shopping at IKEA is truly a great experience and fun - The Different Sections are divided as -

  • Living Room : Living Room Furniture from sofas to armchairs, cabinets , wall shelves and many more.
  • Living Room Storage: Storage Furniture such as Bookshelves , wall shelves , storage boxes etc.
  • Dining: A variety of Dining Furniture from Dining chairs to dinner tables and many more unique table and chair designs.
  • Workspaces: Quality Office Furniture such as office chairs to Desks , drawer cabinets , paper and media organisers
  • Kitchen: Kitchen Products such as Crockery ,Cookware , Tableware , Food Storage
  • Bathroom: Bathroom Mirrors were the best among the whole showcase with jawdropping designs and other products such as shower curtains , towels , bathroom lighting etc.
  • Bedroom: King size Beds to simple and minimalist design beds straight from Sweden , other bedroom accessories such as mattresses
  • Wardrobe & Storage:Wardrobes accessories such as hangers to door knobs , hooks and hangers with a unique set of Storage boxes available.
  • Childrens IKEA: Children's section at IKEA was so unique that every one bought a cute panda more than the IKEA Hej Heart - other items included baby beds to childrens toys with a unique disney look for kids.
  • Bed and Bath Textiles: Unique collection for Pillows , pillow covers , Rugs , Blankets, curtain rods,Bedsheets, Bath Towel Robes and many more exciting products available
  • Lighting: Creative Lighting products such as floor lamps to Table Lamps , fixed and portable lamps , ceiling lights , Decorative Lighting's , Light bulbs and accessories , creative heart and cloud lamps available.
  • Home Organisation: Clothes Organising Wardrobes , Shoe Cabinets , clothes and Shoe Racks , Wall Storage , Storage boxes and Baskets , Childrens small storage.
  • Wall and Home Decoration:Wall Hangers , Photo Frames , Art Cards , Decorative Stickers, Candles and Candle Holders , Plants pots and stands ,Vases and Bowls , Clocks , Home Fragnance
  • IKEA Restaurant:Swedish Inspired IKEA Restaurant served the famous Hyderabad biryani in its large seater restaurant starting at a price of Rs.99/- only.

Huge Marketing for Opening by IKEA

IKEA Flourished its Marketing in Hyderabad with its Innovative Marketing all over the city from Bill Boards to Bus Stop Hoardings to Cabs IKEA Ads were everywhere !!!

La Mère Cab Ads - Cab advertising as a medium was explored and trusted by IKEA

Brothers from Hyderabad Hisham Mohammed and Sadiq Mohammed who completed their masters abroad, founded La Mère - the first brand in India to venture solely into cab advertising in early 2017 with Rohit Reddy and Ayesha Hamed as the backbone of the company and the heads of executions at their head office in the city.

“The vision for La Mère is to enable the Indian market to seize the opportunity and understand the power of marketing via medium of cabs”, says Rashika Shetty, head of marketing for La Mère.

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