Inspiring Entrepreneur Quotes Every Business Owner's Should Read

Sep 18, 2018

"HOLA!!! Entrepreneurs your not alone who feels beaten down to the earth and no help comes to pick you up

You are the best motivation to your own success , many Entrepreneurs quit within the first of year of their startup! Why? Because they fail in planning and they fail in Perseverance

You need to build your empire and your empire needs you! So dont let any naysayers talk shit about your belief and keep moving forward !!! and here are Our favourite quotes to fire up the Entrepreneur Spirit within you !

1. Famous Quote by - Bill Gates quotes "if you are Born Poor it is not your mistake , but if you don't work hard enough for your life and die poor it is your mistake"

2. "It is Never too Late to start living your Dream Life " - so wake up to a new oppurtunity everyday

3. "Everybody has the ability to absolutely do anything beyond what they think they're capable of"

3. "The greatest pleasure in one's life is to prove your self to get things done of which others have only dreamed about "

4. "Why just Predict the Future ? Push yourself to create It !"

5. "There are only two options for Entrepreneurs - Just Do or Die"

6. "Your mind is your greatest strength and your greatest enemy - the day you start controlling it you become unstoppable. "

6. "Success attracts to the right Attitute - Your Attitude defines your success. "

7. "The secret of successful business is to get started "

8. "Dont look at the time just do what it does best keep moving forward "

9. "Success comes to those who are Determined enough, not to those who shake off with ups and downs of life "

10. "Wake up to your Own Life - dont live for some one else's dream life "

11. "A Business without a Plan and Goals is like writing a book that never Ends "

12. "You may not have sales Everyday - but you will learn something new everyday "

13. "Every struggle you have today will be a blessing tomorrow."

14. "One day you gotta Wake up to your Real Life."

15. "I Had my first untroubled sleep when i started to believe in myself."

16. "The Only time you should look back is to see how far you have reached."

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