Teachers Day Celebrations 2018

Sep 5, 2018

"A great teacher is like a candle— it consumes itself to light the way for others."

As India celebrates Teacher's Day we all remember Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on his birthday, who showed us the love & compassion between a student and a teacher , He was a scholar & Teacher who dedicated his life for Education in India.

A Teacher shows us the path to Knowledge & Enlightment , as we remember our teacher's on this Teachers day - how our Teacher's helped us in the past to gain knowledge and look up for our bright future.

To be a teacher, is not just about teaching: it is to take up a challenge. The challenge of shaping young minds into solutions for the future, into beacons of hope that will guide the way in the prospect of darkness. To be a teacher, is to mould an individual to do all this, on his or her own steam. To be a teacher is to be a friend, philosopher and guide through this journey.

Remember the Day's when your teacher holds a stick to teach you discipline and beat you up if you haven't done with your homework , Haha !!!! , miss those old school day's #teacherslove

Parents dream a dream for each child , but a teacher dreams the same dream for so many children. If that is not selflessness, well, we do not know what is. Today, when we look back and compare our well-paid professions to our teachers, they are certainly doing a voluntary service to the country.

Whatsupindia wishes Every one a Happy Teachers Day and salutes every teacher in the world for the sacrifice and love for their students.#loveforteachers

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